I can’t believe the sober politics of New York would yield such folly

In response to New York City Councilman Jumaane Williams Wants Police To Monitor Family Reunions:

How can the sober political system of New York City, driven by such thoughtful and responsible voters, have produced such nonsense as a proposal to regulate family reunions and frat parties as if they were incipient riots?  

Why, this is the same bastion of statesmanship that gave us Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and looks ready to replace him with Mayor Anthony Weiner.

Oh, and Client Number Nine, Eliot Spitzer, wants another bite of Big Apple politics.  He’s running for city comptroller.

The libertarian candidate opposing him will be Kristin Davis… the madam who used to supply Spitzer with prostitutes.

A few more elections like this, and we’ll have to send in Snake Plissken to extract people from what remains of New York City.