Incredible: Democratic Assemblywoman Says SIX Women Approached Her Complaining of Filthy Filner, But She Never Pressed the Matter, and Says Filthy Filner Shouldn't Resign

I don’t know why I said “Democratic assemblywoman” in the headline; “Democratic” was obvious from context, wasn’t it?  The moment a “feminist” starts defending a serial sexual assailant, you know the parties involved.

Via FoxNews (broadcast), here’s the story:  Two years ago, when Filner was still a United States Congressman, six — six! — came to then-Assemblywoman Lori Saldana to complain of Filner’s molestations.  She forwarded this complaint  to the California Democratic Party and you’ll never guess what the California Democratic Party did about it:

Nothing.  Apparently George Costanza oversaw the complaint.

She’s only coming forward with this information now, I suspect, because she knows that she’s going to be named as one of those who knew and did nothing.

But in the meantime, she says the woman are telling only “half the story” and that this vile Gollum of sexual assault should do his Democratic duty and cling to power with his clammy, slimy, clawed hands.

“There are people who say elected officials should be held to a higher standard, but that’s a personal decision for Bob Filner to make, and to try and leverage that personal decision with the threat of a lawsuit,” said Saldana, who two years ago reported to the head of San Diego County’s Democrats that she had heard stories about Filner mistreating women.

 “I went forward to avoid exactly what is going on today,” said Saldana, who says Filner’s accusers are only telling half the story. “Until an employee is willing to come forward, these attorneys are drumming up a lot of anger, a lot of emotion, but they’re not presenting the evidence that would be needed for either a civil or a criminal conviction.”

But remember, Ladies, the Democrats are on your side. Reject horrible men like Mitt Romney with his Binders Full of Women and his secret schemes to outlaw tampons.


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