Incredible — the Democratic Party Threatened a Woman Into Supporting a Known Molester and the Media is Treating It Like a Horrific Abortion Clinic in Philadelphia

In response to Democrat Lori Saldaña Knew of Sexual Harassment Claims, Endorsed ‘Filthy Filner’ Anyway:

The other day, a USAToday writer confessed the media had gotten some things wrong in the Zimmerman trial, but as usual, was willing to blame anything else except partisan and ideological advocacy bias.

Conservatives see this episode as yet another manifestation of the pervasive bias of that dreaded liberal media. But there’s something else at play. Journalists are addicted above all else to the good story. And the saga of the bigoted, frustrated would-be law enforcement officer gunning down the helpless child was too good to check.

Ah, so it’s just that journalists can’t “resist a good story.” That’s their only failing.
So I’ll just note that in a story where a Democratic assemblywoman is now alleging she was pressured into supporting a former Democratic congressman for mayor, despite being warned by Democratic staffers that her was a serial sexual abuser, the just-can’t-resist-a-good-story media is doing a heroic job resisting, aren’t they?
It’s amazing what powers of heroic self-denail the media can summon in the appropriate case.


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