Nancy Pelosi: Fil-Who Now?

In response to What would it take for Filthy Filner’s supporters to Throw Him Under The Bus?:

Nancy Pelosi orders the press not to call Filner her “former colleague,” despite the fact they were both part of the California Democratic delegation for ten years together.

During a Thursday roundtable with reporters, Pelosi was touting a new Democratic push on women’s economic success when a reporter mentioned the allegations against Filner, now the mayor of San Diego, describing him as someone who Pelosi used to work with. Indeed, he and Pelosi were founding members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.


“Don’t identify him as my former colleague,” Pelosi shot back with an agitated look.


Gee I wonder where Nancy Pelosi gets the idea that she can bark orders at the press as if she is a superior officer in the same political hierarchy.

Oh, right– from the Palace Guard Media itself.  How may we better please you today, My Queen?


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