Another Former Staffer Accuses Filthy Filner of Hardcore Harassment

Shhh.  Don’t wake the media, I just got them down. Look at them sleeping there. They look like angels.

Team 10 partner KPBS is reporting that a second woman has come forward to publicly accuse San Diego Mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.
The woman claims to have been harassed while working for him during his days in Congress, according to a Team 10 partner KPBS exclusive interview.
According to KPBS Laura Fink, was Filner’s deputy campaign manager when the alleged incident took place at a fundraising event in 2005. Fink told KPBS that then-Congressman Filner patted her “posterior” while making a crude joke at the fundraiser.

Filner, to his credit, proved he was no misogynist when he told the woman, seriously, that she didn’t understand what had happened and must just be confused about it.