Juror B29: Zimmerman 'Got Away With Murder', Case a 'Publicity Stunt'

Juror B29, whose first name is Maddy, has given an interview to ABC’s Robin Roberts in which she says Zimmerman “got away with murder.”

Maddy, who was the only minority on the jury, says she was initially for finding Zimmerman guilty of 2nd degree murder. She tells ABC she “fought to the end.”

The end came after two days of deliberations when Maddy decided the evidence was not there to convict Zimmerman of murder or manslaughter. Asked if the case should have gone to trial, Maddy responded “I don’t think so.” She added, “I felt like this was a publicity stunt. This whole court service thing to me was publicity.”

Despite agreeing that prosecutors had no case, Maddy says she feels terrible about her decision and wonders if she did the right thing. “I felt like I let a lot of people down,” she tells Roberts.

Maddy is the first juror to appear on camera since the trial. Another juror, identified only as B37, appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN. Alternate juror E54 was interviewed on Sean Hannity’s show but also kept his face hidden to protect his privacy. He said he agreed with the decision and supported the women on the jury.


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