Did someone say Bruce Campbell?


In response to Movie review: the ‘Evil Dead’ remake:

I am a huge fan of Bruce Campbell.  Burn Notice. The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.  Cameos in Sam Raimi movies.  (By the way, “Pete” from Brisco County was in Burn Notice last night. I was giddy.)  But I must confess that I’ve never seen any of the Evil Dead movies. Shameful, I know.  I don’t like scary movies, so there are actually several Bruce Campbell movies I haven’t seen, like Maniac Cop, Bubba Ho-Tep and My Name is Bruce Campbell.  Funny enough, I actually have the last two movies I just haven’t watched them.  I once read an interview where Campbell suggested those who don’t like scary movies start with the last one (Army of Darkness) and work their way back.  What say, you guys?