FLASH: 'Filthy Filner' to Therapy

FLASH: 'Filthy Filner' to Therapy

At a press conference this afternoon, Mayor Filner apologized for his failure to respect women, said it was inexcusable and undermined his whole professional life. According to Filner he has spent his professional life fighting for equality and justice for all people.

The Mayor said he will not explain it away, and said his behavior was not generational. He has apologized to staff, supporters, and the people of San Diego. He also apologized to women he’s “offended.” (?!?!)

Filner will be attending two weeks of intensive therapy starting August 5 for his behavioral issues. He will be at the clinic full time and run the city of San Diego. (Wait, what?)  Intensive counseling will be first step of on-going counseling, so he can become a better person. (Seriously, the guy is 71!)

When he returns, he said he will do right by city and be best Mayor he can be.

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