Alan Grayson Won’t Let Small Businesses Escape Obamacare mandate

Congressman Alan Grayson recently stated that he will be introducing a co-sponsored legislation to  keep small businesses from opting to hire part time employees instead of full-time employees, in order to avoid having to comply with the now delayed Obamacare employer mandate.

 House Republicans railed against President Obama’s Obamacare full-implementation flinch, calling it unfair, and suggested that the President should delay the entire law’s implementation.

 Jorge Bonilla, Grayson’s potential 2014 Republican congressional opponent,  sent over this response to Grayson’s “wage control” piece of legislation-  

 “Instead of burdening employers and small businesses, we should seek ways in which to facilitate growth. We know how the Obama administration intends to counter job losses and hourly wage reductions brought on by Obamacare. We are seeing the beginning of a campaign for wage control, which will be even more of a burden to job creation, and is just as doomed to fail as Obamacare.”-Jorge Bonilla (Website)

Watch the video.