Fingers Filner Hit on the Deputy MAYOR of Escondido; She Took The Complaint to Jess Durfee, Former Head of the Sand Diego Democrats, Who Blew It Off

The good news here is that he actually didn’t touch her or otherwise molest her.

The bad news is that, even when he’s meeting the Deputy Mayors of nearby towns, he’s looking for some action.

Escondido Deputy Mayor Olga Diaz told Team 10 she had a “strange encounter” with Mayor Bob Filner before San Diego elected him, and Diaz said she went to the county’s former Democratic Party chairman.

Diaz said she met Bob Filner a few times when he was a congressman, but it was her interaction with him at a political event for women in 2010 that disturbed her.

As San Diego’s mayoral race drew closer, Diaz said she heard similar stories from other women.
Diaz brought her concerns to Jess Durfee, the former chair of the Democratic Party in San Diego.

She told Team 10 she made it clear she wasn’t physically harassed, but she was bothered by Filner’s behavior.

“The gist was, ‘Thank you for letting me know, I’m glad you told me,’ but nothing ever happened,” Diaz said of her conversation with Durfee. “And Bob went on to be the nominated candidate.”

Now I don’t want to criminalize an interest in the opposite sex, obviously. And we can’t have the rule, parodized by SNL so long ago, that unattractive men cannot talk to women because they should just know they’re uggos and keep their ugly attentions to themselves.

So I’m not counting this as an official harassment — indeed, Diaz herself says she did not feel harassed.

She did, however, think it was very weird that she cannot so much as attend a professional political event without Bob Filner going all “What’s Your Sitch?” on her.  This is very inappropriate behavior.  The man doesn’t even seek to establish some kind of basic rapport with women before asking if they’re open for dating.

Diaz says Durfee left her with the impression that action would be taken. But of course it was not taken.

National media has thusfar completely refused to ask questions of Lori Saldana, who reported six women’s complaints about Filner to the San Diego and California Democrats, and Jess Durfee, who apparently heard all about Filner but choose to continue promoting him.

And why should the media ask Durfee why he covers up for Democrats? They cover up for Democrats as well. They already know the answer: Because they’re all on the same team.