Another Filthy Filner Accuser Comes Forward

Another Filthy Filner Accuser Comes Forward

Another woman has come forward with harassment allegations against Mayor Filthy Filner. This is the ninth, but it’s sort of the tenth if you count the deputy Mayor of Escondido, Olga Diaz.  Emily Gilbert, who was hired to sing at a fundraiser, described her experience to Fox5 San Diego.

UPDATED: Gilbert works as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

“He grabbed me a little too tight, then proceeded to slide his hand down my arm and then did a little grab on my derriere,” Gilbert said. “I didn’t want to make a scene there were kids around.”

Classy. Grab ass in front of the kids. 

Gilbert said the encounter “embarrassed” her. Her husband, Jason Gilbert, stated “What was I going to do, he’s the mayor.”

“We don’t want any money, but we think the mayor should make a donation to a woman’s cause,” Jason Gilbert said. “Actions speak louder then words. He needs to resign.”

Filner is supposed to begin “treatment” for his “problem” on Monday. Two recall efforts are underway to remove him from office, as he is refusing to resign.

Image source: Fox5 San Diego


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