Cyber Beat Daily: The Many Faces of Reddit + The Day's Top Tech Picks

The day’s top picks in social media and technology from 8/7:  The Many Faces of Reddit, social media blamed for another cyberbullying suicide, school tries social media contract, social media helps find stolen puppy, impact of Manning leaks, The Jester vs Rachel Marsden, Bitcoin can now be regulated, Pat Robertson’s controversial gaming remark, the ongoing debate over video game addiction.

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Featured Story.

Reddit, it’s the place of many faces.

Some background on the social networking site’s history.
Six Myths reddit Would Like to Clear Up

How Reddit’s role in the search for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects went terribly wrong
The Anatomy Of A Reddit Rumor

Self-policing in action?
Reddit Laughs in the Face of Death

Uh oh.
Potential Sex Offender Accidentally Outs Himself Via Reddit By Posting Military Scholarship

Sometimes solidarity matters.
How Reddit Helped a Game Developer Fight a Rip-Off

And then there’s the wedding proposal, in memes.
Reddit Proposal Uses Memes, Draws Controversial Response

Except for these.
Memeageddon: Reddit bans another popular meme generator

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

It’s the bully, not the vehicle.
Hannah Smith, British Teen, Commits Suicide After Cyberbullying, Trolling; Dad Demands Justice

Meanwhile, some insist that shutting down the vehicle is the answer.
Cyberbullying suicides: What will it take to have shut down?

A California School District is asking high school students who participate in sports and extra-curricular activities to sign a social media contract.
Censored Tweets? Students Say No, School District Says Yes

The alleged dognapper and car thief is still on the loose.
Owner credits social media for stolen puppy’s return

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

Witnesses testify during Bradley Manning’s sentencing phase.
Manning’s WikiLeaks breach triggered costly U.S. Army scramble: witness

The Jester vs. Rachel Marsden

Marsden penned this piece, which was splattered across the internet Wednesday in a multitude of mainstream news outlets and blogs…
Rachel Marsden: Meet the mysterious Mr. th3j35t3r


…and then, Jester gave his side of the story.

Rachel Marsden – Come on down.


Law and Order.

Federal judge rules Bitcoin can be regulated


Oh boy.
Gaming Expert Pat Robertson: ‘Murdering Somebody In Cyberspace’ Is A ‘Virtual Sin,’ Same As Killing Real People
(in the interest of fairness, I’ve had a few people tell me this remark was taken out of context)

Do video game makers owe it to players to keep them from getting addicted?

Should games suspend your sessions for your own good?
Poll: Should MMOs Limit the Amount of Time Gamers Can Play Them to Stem Pathological Addiction?


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