Wasserman Schultz and Others Don't Schedule Town Hall Meetings During Recess

In response to Report: No Town Halls Scheduled For Senator Graham During August Recess:

Heh. Graham is not alone. While many other members of Congress, including those belonging to the Florida delegation, are having town hall meetings or other events focused on constituent outreach, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not holding any town hall meetings. I spoke to one of the Congresswoman’s legislative aids today, and she confirmed that nothing was scheduled for the month of August.

Now, that said. I expect that ‘DWS’ and others, who have not announced any public events, will schedule one or two of these ‘town hall’ meetings will covertly plan events and only send an invitation to their respected followers and ardent supporters.

This tactic is by design to prevent the representative from being confronted by detractors. Both sides of the political circus practice this move.