Christopher Lane (White) Hunted Down And Killed Like A Dog By 2 (Black) Youths

It may not be racial and may never be proved if so. The third attacker is white. Christopher Lane is dead, his family and friends grieving.

Here is a good article on this tragedy in the Herald Sun.

Let’s not make this a political drama but recognize that the silence from President Obama clearly demonstrates he is a hypocrite. He weighs in when it suits his political agenda. 

Where is Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mom? Does she not feel for another grieving mother of a son who was hunted down and killed like a dog?

Don’t bother calling on Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Joe Madison, Marc Morial, Ben Jealous, Roslyn Brock, et al. as they can’t raise money or personal profile for power on this tragedy.

Again, let’s not make this a political drama. My heart goes out to the Lane family. Their immeasurable suffering is more than enough.