Let's Move: Policy or Educational Campaign?

In response to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Slides to Bottom of the Popularity Poll:

Interesting and unsurprising numbers on whether people think the federal government should be involved in school lunch standards.  What’s missing is whether people identify that policy with the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign.  I’ve seen her talking about it on a dozen reality and talk shows, including Top Chef, Sesame Street, The Biggest Loser, and Restaurant Impossible.  Given past First Ladies’ roles (with the exception of HillaryCare) in promoting pet projects like reading and saying no to drugs, I doubt many people think Let’s Move is anything but a media campaign.  On its merits (kids should eat healthy, exercise more, etc) there’s nothing wrong with Let’s Move.  However, when it comes to federal government mandates and proof that some of the programs aren’t working (i.e. kids choose not to eat rather than eat quinoa-kale salad), the public remains in the dark that those things are tied to Let’s Move.