The race card trumps democracy

In response to MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Plays Race Card in Debate On War with Syria:

I see that John Nolte also picked up on Ed Asner’s comment about the Hollywood Left being afraid to criticize the black President, even though honest to gosh, pinky swear, they would totally be opposing Obama’s Syrian war of choice if a white Democrat was doing it.

Frankly, this is the least absurd of the list of silly reasons the Hollywood Reporter pumped out of Asner and fellow Jurassic Tinseltown lefty Mike Farrell.  I ran through them all last night, and some of them were simply risible (Obama’s diving into war so quickly that the stunned Hollywood Left can’t get to the cameras in time to speak out against him!)  But I don’t have trouble believing that a lot of liberals really are afraid to be accused of racism for daring to oppose a Despot of Color.  That’s probably one reason Obama’s approval ratings are holding up among Democrat voters as well as they are.  He’s such a disaster that mere partisan loyalty isn’t enough to explain why he’s not down in the low thirties.  

And while the Democrat-media complex loves to scream about alleged Republican racism every time Obama’s agenda is opposed, they’re far less eager to discuss all the exit polling that shows naked racialist impulses driving Obama voters, particularly since he was running against someone the Left viewed as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters: a huge pasty-white corporate mascot monster.

If the argument that all opposition to Obama constitutes racism is taken seriously, it’s a logical argument against having a black President at all.  A representative democracy cannot function if voters are not allowed to make informed choices about their leaders, and dissent against elected officials is not permitted.  

But of course, neither of those factors will be a problem if a black Republican reaches the White House.  Not a single liberal anywhere will make the case that opposing President Ben Carson in 2017 is evidence of racism.  The Race Card argument is not an indictment of having Presidents from any given racial background; it’s an indictment of neurotic liberalism.  People like Ed Asner are not capable of representative self-government, which is why the American experiment starts bubbling out of its beakers when left-wingers run the laboratory.

Contrary to the claims of his dead-end apologists, Obama himself has played the race card – among other things, he’s complained that it’s hard for someone with a name like his to serve as President.  But most of the real dirty work is done by his surrogates and admirers.  Ultimately, the shame and blame belong not just to those who play the Race Card, but those who indulge them.  There are certainly some racists out there who don’t like President Obama, just as there were certified misogynists who attacked Sarah Palin, and ageists who attacked John McCain and Bob Dole.  But anyone who asserts that opposition to Obama’s agenda is primarily, or even necessarily, racist is simply unfit to vote.  They are not able stewards of the ballots so many patriots fought and died to put in their hands.