Oops! Democrat Deletes Tweet After Posting Wrong Facts On U.S. Suicide Rate

Liberal Democratic Congresswoman and part-time race-baiter, Corrine Brown, tweeted that the suicide was “10th leading cause of death in America” with Veterans making up 20% of the total number of deaths.”

 Not to discount the troublesome suicide rate in the United States, especially among Veterans, but Brown’s statement, as worrisome as it sounds, is false. Shortly after sending out the tweet, Brown quickly deleted it. According to the Center for Disease Control, suicides committed in the U.S. do not rank in the agency’s  Top 10 leading causes of deaths. 

Brown is not new to controversy, considering that just as recent as last month, Brown called the entire city of Jacksonville, Florida, “racist” for attempting to move an early voting location out of a predominantly black community.

It is a racial issue, its Jacksonville its regular racist self.-Rep. Corrine Brown(D) -(Rep. Brown (D) Says “Jacksonville, It’s Regular Racist Self)

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