Video: Liberal Chick Gets College Kids To Sign Petition To Send Al Qaeda Rebels Care Packages

Clash Daily’s “Liberal Chick” went to a college campus –  clipboard in hand – with a plea for help for the poor, oppressed “Muslim al Qaeda brothers being persecuted in Syria.” For each signature she got, a care package would be sent to an al Qaeda freedom fighter, she told the student passersby. An additional selling point for the college crowd was it was being done with Obama’s imprimatur. She told a couple of signers, “it’s on the White House website, you can check it out.”

Surely, only 12 years after 9/11, even naive college kids wouldn’t be duped into signing on to such a ridiculous thing…

Watch it and weep.

These people vote. In fact, Obama made sure of it in 2012. During early voting in Ohio,  the Obama campaign  provided a steady stream of buses after his college rallies to take the rally goers right to the polls. 

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