Live Chat Rep Admits "I myself have very mixed feelings about [ObamaCare]"

Blogger Dustin/CoolHandSchlute (@CoolHandSchlute) had a very interesting chat with “Kenneth” on’s new Live Chat service.  Read the entire thing here.  Dustin began the chat by talking about the previous night’s new South Park episode. 

[11:55:39 pm]: Dustin

Before we get started, will the NSA be monitoring and/or recording this conversation?

[11:57:37 pm]: Kenneth

As far as I know, they will not be monitoring this. I do know our own quality personnel will be monitoring this in order to give complete accurate information.

[11:57:56 pm]: Kenneth

But that is all that I know of who would be monitoring this.

[11:58:33 pm]: Dustin

I ask because last night’s episode of South Park has me very concerned..

[11:59:32 pm]: Kenneth

Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet. Was planning on it but haven’t seen it yet.

[12:00:46 am]: Dustin

Basically they let the American people see behind the veil. We see, for maybe the first time, that the Gov’t is tracking ALL of our electronic and cellular conversations

[12:01:17 am]: Dustin

I’m incredibly concerned that if I say the wrong thing about Obamacare, that I may be sent to some sort of holding camp or a gulag

[12:02:48 am]: Dustin

Also.. in this episode, we see the debut of a new mind-controlled social media device that instantly uploads the user’s thoughts to the internet via Twitter

[12:03:19 am]: Dustin

Will the install, for a lack of a better word, of this device be covered under the Affordable Care Act, or would I have to go out of pocket for something like that?

[12:03:27 am]: Kenneth

I do know, you can say anything that is your personal opinion about this. I myself have very mixed feelings about it just like the rest of the United States. We take all the opinions to help serve the community better. [Emphasis added]

Dustin then took Kenneth down a hilarious rabbit hole about pre-existing conditions, Andrew Breitbart, depression and therapy cats.

[12:51:08 am]: Dustin

Now I’m depressed again. I think I can feel my blood pressure rising.. and yup! There went my heart monitor. Can you believe they make me wear one of those, Kenneth? Doc says ever since Christine left me that I’m too “easily excited” and that I’m probably going to “keel over from a massive heart attack any day now”.

[12:51:17 am]: Dustin

Wait.. should I not have told you that?

[12:52:50 am]: Kenneth

No reason why not. But if you keep going off track, I would not be able to keep going with this chat. Unless you have more questions regarding the Affordable Care Act or the Health Insurance Marketplace, I cannot keep going with this. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

[12:54:13 am]: Dustin

I understand, Kenneth. You’re busy and have many more people like me to help. If you’ll indulge me, just one more thing.. do you know who Andrew Breitbart is?

[12:55:05 am]: Kenneth

The blogger?

[12:55:22 am]: Dustin

Yup.. the blogger. Know him?

[12:55:35 am]: Kenneth

Not personally, but I do know of him.

[12:58:28 am]: Kenneth

Is there anything else I could assist you with regarding the Health Insurance Marketplace?

[12:59:28 am]: Dustin

Nope.. just inform your boss that I’ll be burning my ACA enrollment card when it arrives. #WAR

Poor Kenneth.