Unhappy ‘customers’ make no difference to the State

In response to Video: Glitches Force MSNBC to Give Up on Health Care Exchange Sign Up Attempt:

It’s funny as hell to watch the Obama cultists at MSNBC fail to get his stupid health-care disaster to work, but it doesn’t really matter, does it?  The Democrats’ ideology – their entire line on ObamaCare – is premised on the insistence that it’s not going anywhere, no matter how badly it fails, no matter how much you dislike it.  Your only chance to stop it was your vote in the 2008 presidential election.  Of course, they didn’t tell you that at the time.  They never tell you that their agenda involves a series of irreversible mistakes, and we can never try anything different, no matter how badly their ideas fail.  One man, one vote, one time – but don’t you dare call it a “banana republic.”

One of the signature differences between private and public endeavors is that unhappy “customers” are only a serious problem for the former.  Leftists love to appropriate the language and idiom of private industry to sell socialism, as President Obama did when he compared the impending ObamaCare launch to the rollout of a new iPad a while back.  But they’re always missing the key element that sets private industry aside: choice.  No matter how hard they try to conceal it, government systems always involve less true choice than private-sector endeavors.  That’s inevitable; it’s by definition.  Compulsive force is only effective when it cannot be escaped.

A company like Apple wouldn’t survive a disaster like today’s ObamaCare rollout, in which nothing is working, and some of the crucial websites are crashing in ways that suggest nobody ever tested them.  The customers would simply give up and walk away.  Maybe a few die-hards would stick it out and wait for things to get better, but competitors would swoop in to steal tons of business.  The resulting loss of income would be head-spinning, ending executive careers if it wasn’t enough to bring the company down.

But nobody associated with ObamaCare is even slightly concerned about any of that.  You can’t go anywhere else.  There is no alternative.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it.  You have to pay a stiff tax/penalty for the privilege of escape – unless you’re a top politician or one of their well-connected allies, of course.

The Left is so invested in this premise that they can’t afford to admit even a little error.  They can’t allow a one-year delay.  They can’t compromise at all, because that would make people start thinking there was a realistic way to ditch this ridiculous mess and explore alternatives that could actually improve health care, without breaking the bank.  That option must be taken completely off the table – moved even beyond the political process, because shrieking Democrats are telling us our representatives aren’t even allowed to vote on this subject any more.  

ObamaCare’s failure is inexcusable, after years of preparation and billions of dollars spent.  But you’ll be expected to excuse it.  You will be savaged as a terrorist, anarchist traitor if you don’t.  You can’t get back the money that’s already been blown, after all.  You’re not a free citizen operating with dignity and choice in a market economy, able to walk away from a horrible failure and let its corporate masters eat the costs.  You don’t have anything to say about this, and neither will your children, or their children.  It’s not even a matter of ensuring that happy “customers” outnumber the unhappy “customers” of ObamaCare.  The Left only needs to suppress rebellion, which is much easier than providing satisfaction, and requires a very different skill set.