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WWII Memorial Now Completely Blockaded and Guarded By Park Officials


The WWII Memorial is an open space that is funded almost entirely by private donations with almost no oversight from Park Police personnel, who as Mike Flynn notes, are exempted from the government shutdown, anyway. 

There is no reason to block veterans from seeing their own memorial other than spite and to try to score political points. This is going  backfire, badly.

According to Spiering two more groups of veterans are planning to break through the barriers, World War II veterans from Missouri and Kansas will arrive Wednesday morning to visit the memorial and about 12 members of Congress plan to join them.

That is not all. There are over 35,000 veterans scheduled to visit the memorial during the month of October, more than 900 in the next five days alone.

Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio has a trip scheduled to depart from Toledo on Oct. 9, according to local reports.

The American public is getting a very good look once again at Chicago-style hard-ball politics, and I doubt they like what they’re seeing.
In fact, I think maybe the best thing we’ve got going for our side right now, is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama.


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