WWII Memorial Honor Riders Greet and Escort Vets

WWII Memorial Honor Riders Greet and Escort Vets

In response to Bikers Riding To DC For WWII Memorial Rally, Tomorrow – Oct 5:

Bikers rolled into Washington DC this weekend to lend their support to WWII veterans who are there to see their “barrycaded” memorial. As part of the Regime’s “shutdown theater”, Park Service rangers have been instructed  to make life as difficult for people as they can – including the 80 – 90 year old members of our greatest generation.

Bikers greeted this group of WWII vets from Florida:

welcoming 2nd group of ww2 veterans to ww2 memorial. This group from Florida

Maggie Thornton has been in contact with folks on the ground, and is running updates with pictures from the ride and escort on her blog, Maggie’s notebook. 

Maggie reports that police have closed the front of the Memorial but opened the back of the Memorial to allow only the WWII Veterans to enter.

More pictures at the Ride For The WWII Veterans Memorial Facebook page and 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook page.

Twitchy also has  pictures from the WWII memorial, today: ‘Entire terminal cheering’: Laura Ingraham, others greet Honor Flight vets headed to WWII Memorial