Obama's 2nd Term Agenda Takes A Hit From The Budget Fight

Obama isn’t facing opposition from the tea party, moreso he is facing opposition from reality and his failed policies which do not meet the country’s challenges effectively and provide solutions for the American people. 

Obama can choose to be the first American presidential preside over default, if he and only he, chooses not to pay the interest on the debt. There is no default if the interest on the debt is paid. The next step will be to prioritize spending. 

There is a possibility of a ratings downgrade however that is countered by the ratings agencies decisions based on legislative changes that may lead to a better fiscal  future. This is common practice in their warning letters.

The Republicans with the support of the American people who get it must hold the line on an out-of-control irresponsible president and progressives who believe that Keynesian economics will save the day. Just imagine a nation that is on the level of the Detroit, San Jose or any of the 30+ cities across America that are failing. 

The Democrats lied – Republicans did not want to shut down government, only 17% of government is shut down, the skies didn’t fall the country continues to operate with some challenges that should be addressed at the federal and state level.