DC Rumor: Obama Will Delay Individual Mandate By Thanksgiving

That’s the word on the street. And by “on the street”, I mean Brad Dayspring, the Communications Director for the NRSC. During a teleconference with conservative bloggers, Thursday afternoon, Dayspring said that it’s the consensus of reporters in Washington that it’s just a matter of time before the Obama administration delays the individual mandate. He said that the decision could come in the next couple of weeks, or by Thanksgiving at the latest.

You read right. That Extreme, Reckless, Unserious GOP Idea Is Now Absolutely Necessary.

Think about it. Republicans in Congress were willing to go through with a shutdown in an effort to force a delay in the individual mandate specifically because it would greatly increase the odds of the whole thing collapsing within a year. And now, three weeks after Democrats fought through the shutdown and declared, “Over my dead body!” . . . it’s looking extremely likely. Maybe by the time this e-mail reaches you, maybe the delay will be official.

We have a delay in the sign-up period, but not a delay in the individual mandate deadline . . . so far.

As for the ObamaCare death spiral that would likely ensue, Jim Geraghty says, “most congressional Democrats see the world in fairly simple terms: Take money from taxpayers and give it to people they like. Maybe they genuinely can’t grasp anything more complicated than that.”