The White House and MSM Want Us Talking About Failures

Fellow conservatives, I beg you: Stop focusing on the fact that sucks.  It takes the narrative off of the fact that it’s ObamaCare that sucks.  Proof that the Left wants us talking about the website is that the White House, the media and SNL’s cold opening sketch is talking about it.

The website was bound to suck because, like the law, expediency was more important than accuracy.’s failure is the symptom of bad law and ideology, not the cause.  The White House and the media want the American people to think that the website is the cause of the problems.  The roll-out didn’t really matter to Democrats because it’s now the law and it can be enforced on their whims. 

They want the website to be the story so that when Americans hear about low enrollment numbers, they’ll attribute it to problems with the website and not to bloated, expensive coverage that no one wants.

My friend Dustin Schluterman recently reminded me of this quote from Charlie Wilson’s War:

Gust Avrakotos: As long as the press sees sex and drugs behind the left hand, you can park a battle carrier behind the right hand and no one’s gonna f**king notice.

In this case, as long as the media and conservatives take the bait and continue talking about the website, the White House is happy.


On Twitter someone asked what I thought we should do to change narrative.  We can tell the stories of the people who are losing their coverage because of ObamaCare or those whose premiums are going up.  The national non-Fox News media will be a hard sell, so start locally.  Write letters to the editor if you fall into this category.  Tell your friends your situation.  Be clear that it’s a result of ObamaCare.  But, most importantly we need to work on nominating Republicans who can win (especially in blue states) in 2014.  Read Ann Coulter’s new book,  Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican, for more on what I mean by Republicans who can win.