GOP Introduced Resolution To Improve ObamaCare – Dems Defeated It In Party Line Vote

Democrats like to blame the GOP for doing nothing to help improve ObamaCare – some even go as far as to accuse them of sabotaging Obama’s “signature achievement.” But a new report out today at CNN shows that not only did Republicans try to improve the law in 2010 by introducing a resolution to change the rule that is largely responsible for the health care cancellation notices thousands of people are now getting, Democrats voted unanimously to defeat it.

In September 2010, Senate Republicans brought a resolution to the floor to block implementation of the grandfather rule, warning that it would result in canceled policies and violate President Barack Obama’s promise that people could keep their insurance if they liked it.

“The District of Columbia is an island surrounded by reality. Only in the District of Columbia could you get away with telling the people if you like what you have you can keep it, and then pass regulations six months later that do just the opposite and figure that people are going to ignore it. But common sense is eventually going to prevail in this town and common sense is going to have to prevail on this piece of legislation as well,” Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said at the time.

“The administration’s own regulations prove this is not the case. Under the grandfathering regulation, according to the White House’s own economic impact analysis, as many as 69 percent of businesses will lose their grandfathered status by 2013 and be forced to buy government-approved plans,” the Iowa Republican said.

Senate Dems like Mary Landrieu, Jeanne Shaheen, Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan and Mark Begich helped kill the resolution on a party line vote, a fact their Republican opponents will hopefully remember in the 2014 mid terms.

Meanwhile, the Politico openly admits that the media failed to hold Obama accountable while he was making promises they should have known all along he couldn’t keep.

Since the Affordable Care Act was introduced in 2009, Republicans have dismissed President Barack Obama’s oft-repeated promise that anyone who liked their insurance plan would be able to keep it.

But was anyone paying attention?

Yes, actually. But those people tended to get their news from other sources than the MSM.

For the past few years, the RNC, top conservative think tanks and several influential right-leaning bloggers have been trying to convince Americans that Obama’s claim about being able to keep your plan was wrong. A few news outlets also cautioned against the president’s promise. As early as June 2009, The Associated Press wrote that “no president could guarantee such a pledge.”

But for the most part, the mainstream media failed to aggressively pursue the story, taking Obama’s claim at face value without testing it against the facts.