10 Minute Ovation Today for Senator Mike Lee in Utah (Video)

1,500 to 2,000 supporters of Senator Mike Lee, waving American flags and holding home-made signs, gave a ten minute ovation to their favorite Senator at a rally in Salt Lake City, Saturday morning, to counter the media narrative  that ‘his constituents don’t like him.’ 

Two “nasty protesters” were reportedly arrested.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported:

The Republican senator has taken a beating in recent weeks, not just from Democrats but members of his party for leading the fight — along with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas — that forced a 16-day partial government shut down.
“I’ve read polls that said some people in Utah don’t like Mike Lee,” organizer Amelia Powers told the crowd gathered at Riverfront West Park in South Jordan. “But I’m lucky to be from a place that has a senator like Mike Lee. He has represented Utah well.”

Powers and a friend organized the rally in less than a week with the help of Facebook and Twitter. It attracted everyone from families with young children to senior citizens and veterans.


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