North Korean Fat Boy Dictator Kills Bible-Possessing Citizens

North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un is reported to  have rounded up 10,000 North Koreans in a stadium, and forced them to watch the murder of 8 people this month, for reasons as petty as possessing a Bible, or “watching South Korean movies.” A total of 80 people were executed for such crimes across the nations countryside.

What could have been the motive for Un’s gruesome crimes? For one, the crimes were committed in seven cities across North Korea on Nov. 3,  including  the city of Wonsan, a port city that Kim is planning on turning into a tourist trap of sorts, by constructing an new airport hotels, and even building a ski resort on a nearby mountain.

 Is this North Korea’s version of qualming public discontent with the government? Remember, this is the same North Korea, who earlier this year, approved a nuclear attack against the U.S


North Korea, like Cuba, opens its doors to world travels who are curious enough to see what is going on beyond the DMZ, and whose tourist dollars that will go directly to fuel the  communist country’s military, and not to its starving people.

According to the “Official website of the DPR of Korea”(North Korea’s government website) the people of North Korea have rights.

Here are just a few of the rights the communist state affords its people, including the freedom of religious belief.

The DPRK practically guarantees the people genuine political freedom and rights according to the fundamental requirement of the Juche idea for enhancing man’s independence and creativity in every way.

In the DPRK the rights and duties of citizens are based on the collectivist principle, “One for all and all for one.” The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK specifies that the state effectively guarantees all the conditions for the democratic rights and liberties as well as the material and cultural well-being of the citizens.

All the citizens who have reached 17 years of age have the right to elect and to be elected, irrespective of sex, race, occupation, length of residence, property status, education, party affiliation, political views and religion.

They also have freedom of speech, the press, assembly, demonstration and association, freedom of religious beliefs and they are entitled to submit complaints and petitions.-DPR Website

Ummm. where is Obama’s outrage?