Bars and Restaurants to Follow Retailer's Thanksgiving Lead

In response to Black Thursday: Even More Retailers to Open for Sales on Thanksgiving:

I couldn’t agree more. I have always loathed Thanksgiving because there was never anything to do outside of sitting on the couch, stuffing my face, and watching football.

At least in Florida, are more outdoors activities to do here, than in most parts of the country. We have beaches and sun, most Americans have snow and wind.

By the way, who ever said that business were supposed to be closed on Thanksgiving? This is great, now we will see restaurants and sports bars open up as a result of these business openings-more to do on Turkey day.

More stores are joining Walmart to open for holiday sales on Thanksgiving Day. Kohl’s, Target and Toys R Us will be opening their doors to sale-seeking shoppers on the holiday.