AI Theft Prevention Is Coming to Your Local Grocery Store

Supermarket giant Kroger is spearheading a novel approach to fighting theft and errors at self-checkout lanes by deploying AI and camera technology, sparking a debate on customer experience, ethics, and privacy even as prominent chains dealing with massive shoplifting problems carefully watch how technology contributes to solving the problem.

CCTV camera security in shopping mall with supermarket blur background.

Beyond Woke: Walmart Has Been Videoing Gun Sales in Its Stores

Walmart’s website opens with photos of mothers and children shopping, weekly specials on daily necessities, and–for those who click on the “Our Company” link and dig a little deeper–an unabashed admission that Walmart has been videoing gun sales in its stores. 

373812 02: Guns for sale at a Wal-Mart, July 19, 2000. Wal-Mart and one of their chief spokespeople, Rosie O''Donnell, are at odds over the issue of guns and whether they should be available at chain stores. (Photo by Newsmakers)

Breitbart Business Digest: The Inflation Tax Hits Walmart

When inflation increases the cost of necessities like food and energy, it draws spending away from other parts of the economy. This dynamic – often referred to as the “inflation tax” – is now expected to take a big bite out of Walmart’s earnings.

A Wal-Mart employee walks through a parking lot as she returns to work at a Wal-Mart store on June 23, 2004, in St. Charles, Illinois. (Tim Boyle/Getty Images)