Obama To Announce 'Fix' On Cancelled Policies at 11:35

In response to There is no good reason to prolong the ObamaCare agony:

The House and Senate “fixes” may be moot because the White House has announced that Obama will make a statement on his own ObamaCare fix at 11:35 Eastern.

Via The Hill:

President Obama on Thursday will offer a proposal for people who have lost their health insurance plans because of ObamaCare, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).


Pelosi said that she hoped the president would offer “an administrative fix” because it would address the issue without “accompanying agendas.”

No details have come out on what the president will say.


A prediction from health care expert C. Steven Tucker on Facebook:

Barack Obama is about to announce a petty political move. He’s trying to give his fellow ‘train-wreck’ enablers an out to get through the 2014 elections. He will be ‘allowing’ the 14 million who are scheduled to lose their individual and family plans later this year (and upon renewal next year) the ability to now retain those existing policies.

This will do nothing but further expedite and ensure an actuarial ‘death spiral’ in early 2015. That is when all the plans purchased in early 2014 will renew. At that time, actuarial assessments will have to be made. Premium rates will have to increase exponentially based on claims experienced.

It will be then that the insurance companies realize they have an unhealthy, older block of business with none of the healthy people they were counting on enrolling via the HHS regulation posted in June 2010 that would have forced them to lose their existing plans based on a bogus charge of being ‘substandard’ in design.

It will also be then when the few insurers dumb enough to enter the exchanges WILL PULL OUT. For there is nothing in the law that requires that they stay in the exchanges. Then there will once again be calls for a Single Payer health care system because ‘working with those evil, for profit, insurance companies just isn’t working out.’

Nothing short of full repeal is in order, here.

Someone on Twitter asked me sarcastically, yesterday, if Republicans should hold another meaningless Repeal vote.

Yes! Now would be a great time to do that, again. The American people do not like ObamaCare and they don’t want Socialized medicine.