Charlie Crist's Liberal Blogger, Peter Schorsch, GetsTaken to The Woodshed

Charlie Crist's Liberal Blogger, Peter Schorsch, GetsTaken to The Woodshed


We have all read the alarming Tampa Bay Times “cash for coverage” story alleging that you shook politicians down for cash, in exchange for good press coverage. I have to tell you that I am not surprised to hear this, as several individuals have approached me accusing you of doing exactly what the Time article accuses you of doing.

 You have said before that you have turned the page on your criminal past, a past that includes you pleading no contest to grand theft and scheming to defraud charges.  Look, everyone, at some point in their lives, has written a bad check or two, you being charged with 16 counts of writing bad checks for cash at Publix, is in your past.

While we wait for the recently reopened criminal investigation into your antics to take its course, I personally don’t know if you committed a crime, but do question your ethics.

 There really isn’t any need to try to “persuade” anyone into buying ads on your site, because there will always be Republicans like Will Weatherford, Scott Plakon, Jack Latvala, Pat Rooney, who have, and will continue doing business with you. Between us, I don’t think anyone has noticed that Weatherford and the other Republicans, are subsidizing your income, at the same time that Charlie Crist is most likely paying you and your wife for helping out his campaign to defeat Republican Governor Rick Scott;)

Over the past couple of  years, this obsession you have with me, and the belief that you compete with me, has taken a very unhealthy and creepy  direction.

 Also, all of those racial divisive comments you have made against me, you know the ones that imply that because I am Hispanic, I “cut grass”, are disturbing, and only add to the perception that your obsession with me has deep rooted personal and self-esteem issues,  as well as you possibly having  physical ‘short-comings,’ which may be the reason you feel compelled to try to ‘size up’ to me.    

 Over this past weekend, I spoke to several of our mutual colleagues, some within the  Florida press corps about the story in question. The consensus among everyone is that you epitomize  the very term you use to describe your detractors, “Douche bag.”

While I don’t believe you are a douche bag, I do think that you have compromised any credibility you may have had with members of both the state and national press corps, especially after you inexplicably announced that former Congressman Bill Young had died two days before he actually passed away.

What’s up with that? 

 Let me give you some friendly advice. Stop while you are behind. Instead of having your cohorts, Junior Latvala, Matt Gaetz, and the other squishy moderate Republicans take to social media to defend your honor, embrace the fact that you have been outed for who you really are, a shameless political hack whose claim to fame is to copy-and-paste news stories, and use strong-arm tactics to make a buck.

There is nothing wrong with your copy and paste approach to blogging, so if it works for you, keep pasting  away. In addition to this great advise, I think you should take it upon yourself to seek professional psychiatric help for your obsession with me, and the need you have to seek attention and approval from just about anyone.

I have to tell you, I was touched by your open apology to me last weekend for all of those baseless attacks. I knew you could admit your faults, and to try to make amends.  

 But then you digressed and continued spouting your usual racial slurs against me. I am saddened. This “look at me” approach to garner attention, and the fact that you feel the need to attack others, simply because they disagree with you, or do not support any of the political candidates that you support, is very troubling, and is most likely a result of an emotionally deficient upbringing. 

 Any lack of love or attention you did not receive in the past, is more than made up for now, as your shameless attention-seeking exploitation of your young daughter by you and your wife Michelle, shows the world that you are  one happy dude.

 I am truly happy that you have found happiness in them, but if you do anything, go out and  find the help that  you need. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for them. Do it for your infant daughter. Do you really want her to grown up and read about how her beloved father denigrated people and used very questionable tactics to sustain her and her family?  


Your amigo,


P.S. I think you should reinstate all of those anti-Marco Rubio posts you conveniently scrubbed from you website 


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