'You Can Keep Your Plan' Democrats Exposed

'You Can Keep Your Plan' Democrats Exposed

Recent polling shows that an anti-ObamaCare wave next year could flip as many as 12 vulnerable Democrat Senate seats. If current trends continue, the next election could make the 2010 shellacking look like a Sunday picnic.

Conservative bloggers are doing their part to make sure the voting public knows where their representatives in congress stand on ObamaCare.

Erik Soderstrom created a website to keep track of those Democrat “keep your plan” lies: www.youpromised.org. He’s just getting started. Plenty more will be added to the list in due time.

Duane Lester created a website and a video just for Missouri’s beloved Senator Claire McCaskill: ApologizeClaire.com 

For years, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill has been one of the chief advocates for Obamacare. She told KOMU,  “I think people don’t realize that if you have your insurance, you get to keep it.”

She lied.

New revelations show that Democrats have known for years that millions of Americans would lose their insurance.

From the NRSC comes a new video,  “They Knew.”

And from the Campaign For Working Families, we have “Hold Democrats Accountable For the ObamaCare Lie.”

It’s not even 2014 yet, and the gloves are already off.

* The Santa graphic above courtesy of Rep. Renee Ellmers.


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