Bring Me Home for the Holidays

Bring Me Home for the Holidays

If you have no idea what to buy your wife for Christmas, let me help.

A Not Cool Koozie.

Yes, a Koozie is EXACTLY what your wife wants for Christmas. Forget the rings, the necklaces, the new IPAD. The Humvee.

A Koozie is what will make this Christmas a memorable one.

But don’t just limited the gift to your wife  – get one for friends, other members of your brood, or even one for yourself.

(Note: for those of you unfamiliar with Koozies, they are also called Kozies – depending where you grew up. They are designed to keep beers , sodas, or small reptiles cold)

If you preorder my book, NOT COOL by tomorrow, December 10th, I’ll send you a holiday card and the Koozie just in time for Christmas.