17-Year-Old Girl Injected Flesh Eating Drug Into Genitals

17-Year-Old Girl Injected Flesh Eating Drug Into Genitals

MEXICO – A 17-year-old girl reportedly addicted to the flesh eating drug known as Krokodil, shocked doctors in Puerto Vallarta recently when she showed up with “severe lacerations” to her genitalia.  Jose Sotero Ruiz Hernandez, an official of the National Migration Institute said, “There’s a case that we had to see at the Social Security: the girl consuming this drug, had an infection in her private parts,” which Hernandez said wasn’t caused from sexual intercourse.”  Her genitals had already begun “rotting.” 

According to Hernandez, the girl explained she had been consuming Krokodil for two months and that the drug known as the “drug that eats junkies” was sold like cocaine, readily available on every street corner.” 

Krokodil originated in Russia some eleven years ago but recently showed up in Arizona.  The drug has similar effects similar to heroin or morphine, and is made by mixing codeine, red phosphorous, iodine, and paint thinner. 


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