Obama's Approval Hits New Low, Majority Still Say He is Not Honest

A Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday finds the President at a new low, 38-57 percent. A previous poll released in mid-November had the President at 39-54 percent.

The President still receives 76 percent approval from Democrats but has fallen off among constituencies that favored him in the last election. Among women the President is now underwater at 44-49 percent. And among young voters aged 18-29 the President is in worse shape at 41-49 percent.

One of the striking results in the November Quinnipiac poll was that, for the first time ever, voters said the President was not honest and trustworthy. This month his number on that question are identical at 44-52, meaning a majority continue to feel he is dishonest.

The President’s numbers on the economy have dropped slightly to 37-59. Last month he was 38-59. Similarly his handling of health care is now at 34-62. Last month the same question found him at 36-60.

The positive news for the President is that he has swung upward with Hispanics to 50-43 percent approval. That’s an improvement over the November poll which found him six points underwater at 41-47 percent.

Quinnipiac also has good news for Republicans in Congress. Respondents were asked which party they would like to see control the House and Senate if an election were held now. Voters preferred Republicans for both chambers by the same margin, 47-42.

The poll also addressed a policy issue being raised by the White House, raising the minimum wage. It found that voters supported increasing it 69-27. Even Republicans supported it by a narrow margin, 49-44.