Senator Rubio Is the Biggest Political Loser in Florida

In response to America’s 2013 Loser of The YEAR:

The Tampa Bay Times dubbed Senator Marco Rubio the political loser of the year and Governor Rick Scott the political winner — for the state of Florida.  

According to the Times, Rick Scott’s recovery from his “dead man walking status” a year ago, was enough to earn him the title of political winner.

It’s easy to see why Rubio won the title of biggest loser. In one year, his star fell from an astronomical high – where he was considered to be a Republican front-runner for 2016 –  down to the ground – somewhere in the Florida Everglades submerged deep into the waters of Lake Okeechobee. He’s in the single digits in most polls because of his “often half hearted” work with the gang of eight in the Senate on their awful comprehensive immigration reform package. 

Even in a nationwide assessment, I would call Rubio the biggest political loser on the Republican side.

Rubio severely damaged his brand, and lost the trust of many conservatives.  If Paul Ryan, (who currently leads the pack in Iowa) continues down the path he’s on in the House with immigration reform, he’ll end up in the same boat.

On the Democrat side, 2013’s biggest loser in the country is obviously Barack Hussein Obama – because he had a “terrible, horrible, really bad year.” I guess Anthony Weiner deserves an honorable mention, though.