Even Democrat Adam Schiff Doesn't Buy NYT's Benghazi Story

While appearing to strain to give a recent New York Times’ report on Benghazi at least some credit by saying it “add’s valuable insights,” even Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) agrees with Republican Mike Rogers that the Times’ report is inaccurate. Schiff also contends that, contrary to the NYT’s reporting, al Qaeda most definitely was involved.

He also claims it does not exonerate the status of the security in effect at the US embassy when it was attacked. That’s important because, ultimately, Hillary Clinton cannot claim to have no ovbersight responsibility at all in that critical area. 

Schiff also casts doubt on the Times’ sources by stating they most likely had mtivation for telling the newspaper the version of events it did. His remarks begin approximately 2:15 in within the clip below.


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