Liberal Alan Grayson Does Not Like Allen West

Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson seems to be a little upset at what former Congressman Allen West said on Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly show, when West stated that he believes Grayson will lose to a “pretty good challenger” in the 2014 election cycle.

 Grayson then went off to say that he believes that God, yes God, “stopped listening to Allen West a long time ago.” Does the “Congressman With Guts” mean to say that God listens to him, and not Allen West?

 This is just another fundraising stunt by Grayson, who has  been desperately trying to fundraise since the field of Republican challengers to his congressional seat has formed,  even going after his chief rival, and the man that Allen West was surely referring to, Navy veteran Jorge Bonilla.

 When Grayson inexplicably used the burning-cross picture, that depicted the Tea Party movement as being a bunch of Klansmen, Bonilla was quick top pounce on him, garnering him massive national earned media, and enabling him to fundraise on Grayson’s insensitive and reprehensible fundraising stunt.