Precipitous withdrawal without a Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) has consequences


Obama’s hasty withdrawal from Iraq for political reasons without a Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) demonstrates growing foreign policy failures. 

American blood and treasure was spent in what is now shown to be an overturned victory as Fallujah falls under Al Qaeda control. let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State when Pres. Barack Obama and his national security team of advisers failed to complete the Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) as outlined by the Bush administration and agreed to by the newly formed Iraqi Parliament in 2009.

Once again Obama’s shortsighted view and false belief in a political victory over real victory and forward planning has opened the door for another country in the Mideast to fall into tribal warfare. the number of growing deaths in Iraq as Sunni versus Shiite violence increases left the door wide open for the Al-Qaeda- linked organization ISIL to achieve a key military and public relations victory. The coming days, weeks maybe months will tell whether the Iraqi government weakened and in disarray can retake Fallujah.

One thing is certain, the lack of any discernible foreign policy by this administration and repeated demonstrations of leading from behind has resulted in a world without American leadership. Lech Walesa, former anti-Communist, Polish freedom fighter and first president of a free Poland echoed this in his recent CNN interview.

As Obama prepares for another precipitous withdrawal in Afghanistan the question must be asked, what does that nation’s future look like?


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