ObamaCare sucks worse than Wal-Mart heath insurance


Well, it does.  The Washington Examiner brought in a team of experts to prove it:

For many years, the giant discount retailer has been the target of unions and liberal activists who have harshly criticized the company’s health care plans, calling them “notorious for failing to provide health benefits” and “substandard.”

But a Washington Examiner comparison of the two health insurance programs found that Walmart’s plan is more affordable and provides significantly better access to high-quality medical care than Obamacare.

The article goes on to relate all the evidence needed to back up the claim.  It’s a significant comparison because Wal-Mart’s allegedly horrible benefits were often cited by ObamaCare proponents when they made the case for a government takeover of the insurance industry.  Wal-Mart looms very large in liberal mythology; they supposedly care for their employees about as much as Sauron cares for the orcs of Mordor.  But they’re taking way better care of their people than Obama takes care of the unfortunate souls trapped in his health-care boondoggle:

For a monthly premium as low as roughly $40, an individual who is a Walmart HRA plan enrollee can obtain full-service coverage through a Blue Cross Blue Shield preferred provider organization. A family can get coverage for about $160 per month.

Unlike Obamacare, there are no income eligibility requirements. Age and gender do not alter premium rates. The company plan is the same for all of Walmart’s 1.1 million enrolled employees and their dependents, from its cashiers to its CEO.

A Journal of the American Medical Association analysis from September showed that unsubsidized Obamacare enrollees will face monthly premiums that are five to nine times higher than Walmart premiums.

And unlike Obama’s crap plans, you get access to excellent care facilities under Wal-Mart coverage.  No “doc shock” there!  Try taking your taxpayer-subsidized ObamaCare plan to the Mayo or Cleveland Clinics and see if they let you in.

So congratulations, liberals: your unicorn-riding Savior of the Common Man just canceled a few million good insurance policies and stuffed those people into overpriced plans that don’t come anywhere near matching up to the coverage enjoyed by people you’ve been describing as helpless wage slaves for the past twenty years.


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