Woman Buys Bird-Flavored Spinach From Supermarket


Talkabout finding a prize at the bottom of you box of Cracker Jacks. A woman inSarasota, Florida is claiming that she found the skull of a bird inside asealed back of frozen spinach she bought at Publix Supermarket.

Accordingto Fox News, some of the woman’s friends had already eaten some of the baggedspinach before he discovered the bird’s head.

She said she was making appetizers for a NewYear’s Eve party and microwaved the bag of spinach and drained it. She said shefound one big chunk and figured it was a stem or something still frozen, so sheput it aside in the sink, moving on with the appetizer and her party.

To her horror the nextday, she said she discovered what really was in the sink.  

“I picked it up andstarted pulling the spinach off it and realized there were two eyeholes, and itwas a little skull,” she said. “I ate that eye, or someone did.”

Yum! Yum!


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