Judge Judy: Knockout Game 'Virus,' Demands Swift Justice

Judge Judy: Knockout Game 'Virus,' Demands Swift Justice

Stop everything: Judith Sheindlin aka Judge Judy aka the world’s foremost authority on all things has weighed in on the national crime trend of the “knockout game” on her website “What Would Judy Say?” 

In her typical no-nonsense style, JJ calls the violent hooliganism from young men a “virus” spreading across America. “I think we’ve played too soft for too long on young people who commit these kinds of outrageous acts of violence,” Sheindlin states.

The daytime TV giant then picks apart arguments for leniency in these criminal cases, lambasting those who want to find the “root causes” of the attacks. “To that I say, after you show them that it’s the wrong thing to do,” she retorts.

While Judge Judy does not offer her own ideas for punishing “knockout” perpetrators, instead asking her fans to submit their own, she adds her voice to the chorus of many demanding zero tolerance for violence as sport’s most recent iteration–a clear rejection of navel-gazing “nuance” or blaming society.


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