Top GOP Money Men Attack Chris Christie During Florida Fundraising Trip

It seems when it rains, it pours, for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, as criticism has been pouring down on Christie during his heralded, yet somewhat “secret” fund raising trip to South Florida. 

Not only is Christie receiving criticism from fellow Republicans, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is trying to make hay of events, as well. She announced “press availabilities” to point out what she suggests is a “hiding” Christie.

It would seem the NJ Gov is fast becoming the proverbial elephant in the room.

The hush-hush FL fundraisers of Chris Christie; Scott donor calls secrecy “stupid”

“This is ridiculous. It’s stupid, amateur hour,” said one major Scott donor, who plans to attend at least one of the events. “They took a little story and made it into a bigger one than was necessary. Trust me, this isn’t Rick making this a state secret.”

Meanwhile, a top Romney fund raiser, Brian Ballard is being right out front in his criticism. While it remains early in terms of sorting out the true fall-out from Christie’s so-called ‘BridgeGate,’ what does seem clear is that there’s a bit of blood in the water in Florida tonight and at least some sharks from both parties are circling.

“The guy, as a person, is horrific,” said Ballard, a top lobbyist and finance chair of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Like other Romney insiders, Ballard deeply resents Christie for the way the governor sidled up to, and gushed about, President Barack Obama in the 2012 campaign’s final days just after Tropical Storm Sandy ruined parts of the Northeast’s coastline.

“Charlie Crist got a lot of grief for what was called a hug of Obama. But what Christie did to Obama isn’t suitable to say in a family newspaper,” Ballard said. “I firmly believe he helped swing that election in Obama’s favor just to help himself. I busted my ass for two years raising money and supporting Romney and this guy Christie just wiped his hands of us when we were no longer useful to him.”


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