Media Taking It Slow and Easy on Wendy Davis' Bogus Biography

The media fell in love with Wendy Davis and her pink sneakers. They have followed her moves in the race for Governor of Texas. But now that the Dallas Morning News has found fault with elements in her official biography, some outlets are downplaying it or not mentioning it at all.

Five days ago the Today show featured Wendy Davis telling her sad tale–a working single mom living in a trailer–to host Maria Shriver (video below). Huffington Post published a story about the interview. But it appears that, so far, Huff Post has nothing to say about the revelations Saturday night that Davis’ embellished that biography.

Likewise, the New York Times has written plenty of stories about Wendy Davis, but hasn’t found time to cover the revelations over the weekend of her misleading biography. Politico also has not written anything so far about Davis’ misleading biography.

The Daily Beast did offer a short stub with a link to the Dallas MorningNews story under a headline which says Davis “stretches the truth.” The Washington Post did cover the story Sunday in a piece titled “Wendy Davis admits to fuzzy facts in bio.”

In the official bio that appears on her website, Davis claimed she began working at 14 to support her single mother. She does not mention that her parents divorced just three years earlier when she was 11 years old. The bio goes on to say that she was a single mother by 19. In fact she was separated from her first husband when she was 19 or 20 but was not divorced until she was 21. She spent a few months in a trailer with her mother and then moved into an apartment.

When it comes to her education, Davis’ bio claims she earned two degrees “with the help of academic scholarships and student loans.” In fact, she remarried by the age of 24 and her husband paid for a significant portion of her education.


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