Liberals Rush to Condemn Sexual Assault Victim

This post isn’t about Hollywood hero Woody Allen, but my headline illustrates a point I want to make about the way the media treated Coke’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad.  The media was quick to write headlines purporting that conservatives were up in arms about people singing “America the Beautiful” in other languages. 

I was in and out of social media during the Super Bowl, but I didn’t see one person I know or respect tweet anything criticizing the ad.  A few cranks on Twitter don’t speak for conservatives as a group.  Of course “Cranks Upset By Coke Ad” probably isn’t good click bait.  The ad has a very pro-America message — lots of cultures acknowledging the beauty of America.  I didn’t see anything political about the ad and I’d be willing to bet that a vast majority of conservatives didn’t either.  Instead, the media will once again paint all conservatives by the actions and words of the least of us.  

The worst things about social media is that it gives everyone a platform and it gives the media additional ammunition to use against conservatives.  Of course, we can’t police these idiots because the last thing they deserve is more attention.  The only lesson I can surmise from this is that we have to shout from the rooftops that liberals are the ones who want to politicize everything.  They want to divide us.  Americans are sick of it.  It’s not about the issues, whether is marriage, immigration or English.  It’s about the Left and their cohorts in the media never taking a break from politics and division.  



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