Media Paints Conservatives as Xenophobic, Conservatives Play Along


Fellow conservatives, I beg you.  Stop going down these ridiculous rabbit holes the Left wants us to engage on.  It doesn’t matter what side you’re on regarding the Coke ad.  We’re still playing by their rules.  Now instead of talking about Obamacare and jobs in 2014 we’re talking about whether ALL or SOME conservatives are racist and xenophobic.  That’s a winning issue!

After this weekend we’re all expected to have an opinion on Coke’s “America the Beautiful” ad.  Predictably, the media found a handful of people to criticize the ad.  As I wrote yesterday, these conservatives don’t represent the majority.  Yet, I keep seeing lots of conservative friends re-posting stupid tweets and Facebook comments from anonymous people talking about the Coke ad and saying they don’t agree.  Most sane people know you don’t agree because they don’t either.  Enough with the grandstanding.  

For the same reason, I don’t proclaim to everyone that I’m the chair of GOProud’s board of directors and I’m a conservative who doesn’t hate gay people.  I don’t say it because I don’t want believe that most conservatives hate gay people.  Saying I don’t hate gay people doesn’t make me special.  Saying you don’t agree with stupid people doesn’t make you special.  I don’t agree with stupid people either.

Conservatives need to stop buying into the Left’s narrative that we have to respond to people who aren’t our leaders and on issues that aren’t going to win the 2014 elections.  Repeating the horrible things people say only legitimizes them.  

Every time I see the media drag us down with a nominal issue I can feel 2014 slipping away.  Please don’t play their game.  If you’re election-focused, keep hitting the Democrats on jobs and Obamacare. 

Me gusta freedom.  No me gusta Obamacare.