Sen. Feinstein Uses Junk Science to Stoke Parents' Fears

Junk science claims aren’t just limited to global warming (or as they call it in the winter — climate change).  For the last few years BPA has been targeted by lefty regulators.  I wrote last July:

BPA is found in water bottles, canned foods and even thermal cash-register tape.  Study after study from the EPA, CDC, FDA and scores of agencies (here and here) from other countries have found BPA to be safe. As with the global warming campaign, the Left and their cohorts in the media have succeeded in ignoring the science and instead ginning up a public frenzy by simply proving that global temperature changes or traces of BPA can be found in your food.

There really isn’t much doubt in the international scientific community that BPA is safe.  But the fact that BPA is used by several industries is a seductive song for big government regulators like Sen. Feinstein.  They ignore science in order to stoke people’s fears and burden businesses with even more regulations.

It’s important to note that Sen. Feinstein makes this claim about children’s health problems with a link that requires one to pay to view the full article.  The actual title of the article is “Further Limiting Bisphenol A In Food Uses Could Provide Health And Economic Benefits.”  How many people will read her tweet, but not the actual article?  Very few, I’m guessing.

As I wrote in July, the FDA deemed that use of BPA in baby formula packaging offered no health risks.  Democrats hailed the decision as a victory despite the fact that companies no longer use it anyway.  This is what Democrats like Sen. Feinstein live for — empty science and empty victories.  When it comes to the real problems Americans are facing, like job shortages and Obamacare, they’re silent.


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