McCotter on Obamacare's 'Liberation Economics'

I really miss having Thad McCotter in D.C.  I suspect he doesn’t miss it all.  Today he offers wisdom on Obamacare’s ‘liberation economics’ shuffle.

As is their wont, in an Orwellian twist the Left claims the projected 2.3 million jobs lost under Obamacare constitute workers being “liberated” to pursue their happiness.  The fundamental flaw in this equally injurious and insulting line of argument is the Left’s deceitfully conflating employees’ “early retirements” with jobs being eliminated.

Do not be distracted by the Left’s disingenuous shiny ball of workers merrily leaving their jobs; keep your eye fixed on the cruel fact jobs will be eliminated and will not be filled by anyone else.

If not, you may find yourself involuntarily “liberated” to shuffle off and pursue your happiness in the unemployment line.  

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