Alan Grayson Attacks Concerned Veterans For American, Bonilla Pounces On Him

 Congressman Alan Grayson (D) is out pushing the political envelope with another controversial email aimed at trying to raise big bundles of cash for his re-election campaign.

 This time Grayson targets the Concerned Veterans of America, a veterans advocacy group, who he says put out a “disinformation ad” about Obamacare.  

Grayson, who has been one of  Obamacare’s most outspoken supporters and advocates, “wishes” for a national “single-payer system” like the “VA medical system.

 Grayson, sounding a bit angry, calls the current healthcare system in the United States as being “dehumanizing” and “lethal.”  

Here is a snippet of the email:

  This year marks the fifth time that I’ve run for Congress. I have never had ads run against me ten months before the election – until now.

These right-wingers must have money to burn. The front group running this ad is called Concerned Veterans for America. W

hat they seem most concerned about is that I might be reelected to Congress. Let me go through their brainwashing agitprop with you. Their disinformation ad features a father and daughter who are veterans.

 They claim that they are very unhappy with VA medical care. (“Government-run healthcare means disaster,” says the ad.)  According to them, VA medical care is the same as Obamacare. (“If you really want to know what Obamacare is going to be like, look at the VA system,” says the ad.)

 Then the ad throws my face up on the screen. The implication is that I support Obamacare, and therefore, Grayson Must Go.  

The email then continues:  

And as for VA medical care being the same as Obamacare – I wish.  The VA medical system essentially is a single-payer system. The government employs VA doctors and nurses, and runs VA hospitals. In contrast, Obamacare attempts to salvage something from the wreckage of the profit-obsessed, dehumanizing, selfish, savage, brutal and lethal private health insurance system that traps roughly half of all Americans.

Navy veteran Jorge Bonilla, who has emerged as the “Congressman with Guts” Alan Grayson chief Republican opponent, was quick to counter Grayson’s attack.

 Alan Grayson has shamelessly resorted to attacking the Concerned Veterans of America, who he calls a “front group” because they dare question his votes to cut pension benefits for veterans and their families, including one such vote held just last night.

 Like his despicable use of Klan imagery against the Tea Party, he does so for no other reason than to raise campaign funds.  It is one thing to smear (as Grayson often does) the usual boogeymen of the Right such as the Tea Party, Fox News, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, et. al.

Indeed, it is required performance art as part of the “outrageous progressive” shtick that Congressman Grayson feels compelled to perform for his donor base.   However, politically-motivated attacks on our veterans (and the groups like the Concerned Veterans of America for them) are beyond the pale, beneath the office, and unacceptable under all circumstances

. Our veterans have an unimpeachable right to question Mr. Grayson’s repeated votes to cut their pension benefits, especially after last year’s “No Cuts” theatrics.  Our Veterans have the absolute right to call attention to deficiencies within the VA (such as diagnostic delays that are leading to preventable deaths of our Veterans due to cancer), which Mr. Grayson brazenly dismisses while extolling the virtues of single-payer healthcare. -Jorge Bonilla (Website)


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